Looking to bid at auction? In this quick video, we give you our top tips for preparing to bid at auction, including the importance of chatting to your adviser prior, and getting pre-approval. Chat to the Loan Market Coast to Coast team today for more auction-ready tips

Getting pre-approval for a home loan gives you confidence and understanding of your borrowing power. It indicates the lender's comfort in lending you a certain amount, based on your circumstances. This is why it is so important to get pre-approval before you start the propety hunt. Contact us today to get fast pre-approval.

Loan Market Capital and Coast, with a team of 14 experienced advisers, offers comprehensive mortgage and insurance solutions to clients nationwide. With over 4000 satisfied clients and a strong lender network, we can help you score financial goals and secure competitive rates. Our services extend beyond loans to include life, disability, mortgage, and health insurance. Contact us today.

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Here at Loan Market Capital & Coast, we help first home buyers navigate the home buying journey by addressing their financial concerns and developing a plan that's right for them. By reviewing their situation and providing ongoing support, we help clients achieve their goal of homeownership- watch this video to hear just one of our client's stories. Contact Loan Market Capital and Coast today to explore your options and achieve your dream of owning a home.

What is refinancing and when should you consider refinancing your current loan? Refinancing your home loan can save you thousands in interest repayments and offer better rates and features. It allows you to leverage equity, consolidate debt, and access funds for renovations. Yearly reviews are crucial, as they allow you to consider whether you could be on a better rate. Chat to your local mortgage advisers at Capital and Coast today.

With access to multiple lenders, personalized guidance, and ongoing support, Loan Market Capital and Coast advisers give you CHOICE. Contact the team today to get started. 

In this video, Clifford provides you with insights into the OCR and it's impact on interest rates offered by the bank. At Loan Market Capital and Coast, our advisers will help you navigate interest rate changes and find suitable borrowing options. Contact the team today for support in any interest rate environment.

LVR is the percentage of the loan amount compared to the property value- but what does this actually mean to you, as the borrower? In this video, we explore how the LVR impacts mortgage terms, including interest rates and requirements. At Loan Market Capital and Coast, we help clients in managing their LVR strategically to optimize borrowing capacity and secure favorable mortgage terms. Contact us today to get started

You don't need a massive 20% deposit to buy a home. Lenders often accept as little as 5%. Explore options like KiwiSaver, grants, and family gifts. For a property worth $625,000, with savings, grants, and KiwiSaver, you could have a 10% deposit of $60,000. Don't let misconceptions hold you back. Contact Loan Market Capital and Coast to start your homeownership journey.

As your trusted mortgage advisers, we'll guide you through purchasing your first or next home. Watch this video for 3 handy tips, or contact Loan Market Capital and Coast for personalized solutions. Let's make your homeownership dreams a reality.

At Loan Market Capital and Coast, we specialize in helping individuals navigate the complexities of mortgages and loans during divorce or separation. We offer expert guidance, personalized support, and solutions such as refinancing or loan restructuring. Contact Loan Market Capital and Coast for compassionate assistance.

Considering a new build property? In this video, we talk you through the 3 possible 'off the plan' options available to you including new builds, turn key properties and build-only contracts. Contact us today for a personalised plan.

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