At Navigation Homes, we believe in achieving the best ouctomes for our clients. That's why we partner with Neve Jervis and the team at Loan Market Coast to Coast. Neve has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about helping clients achieve their dreams of property ownership faster. Together, we can help you in your first home or investment property. 

Neve Jervis

Neve Jervis

P: 0210 510 254

I am a qualified Financial Adviser at Loan Market Coast to Coast, specialising in property and finance. Growing up in a family that works in the residential construction space, I found a genuine interest in guiding and advising clients on their property journey. My expertise range from residential property purchases to building investment property portfolios.

I take pride in watching people feel the success of buying their first property, growing their investment portfolio, and protecting themselves and their families with good quality, specific, insurance. There is no point in building wealth without protecting it as well. I pride myself on being solution focused and always doing my best to find ways to get things done! 

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