Rental returns aren’t the only opportunity to maximise property investments, and there are a few golden rules to getting the most out of the borrowing side of your property investments.

  1. Make sure you review your property investment loans regularly to ensure you are on the best deal available. Over the course of a long-term property investment plan, the type of loans available and your situation may change dramatically.
  2. Be disciplined about the kinds of add-ons you pay for with your investment loan. Only get features and benefits you will really use. They all cost you money.
  3. Do the math and change loans if there is a long term benefit. Even though the costs can add up to anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, changing to a more sensible structure or lower interest rate now may actually save you quite a bit more over a long investment period. With the help of a good mortgage adviser, you won’t even need to do most of the work.

The extra money you save or earn because of the change can help you to expand your property portfolio, undertake redevelopment projects, take advantage of the tax benefits of paying your interest in advance, finance renovations on your home, or even top up your superannuation.