To help you budget for your big move, listed below are some of the common fees and charges associated with moving home. I will help you budget for these when purchasing your new home.

Building/pest inspection

Before buying you should arrange a pest and building inspection. A building inspection should provide information on any major structural problems/faults. A pest inspection will identify any pests such as termites that are present in the property. You may be able to use these findings to negotiate a lower purchase price, especially if any repairs/treatments are required to fix a problem. The cost of an inspection will vary depending on the level of assessment you request, but a basic report will start from around $500.


You’ll be liable to pay rates on the value of your property to your local Council on whatever portion of the quarter remains after settlement. Your rates generally include sewerage and water costs, as well as a charge against your property to help pay for local infrastructure. Costs vary widely depending on the area you live in and the value of your property; you will need to check with your Council about how much you will be liable for.

Strata fees

If you purchase an apartment block or managed community, you’ll have to pay strata fees to help maintain shared areas such as the building exterior, gardens, pools etc. Many real estate advertisements will detail the cost of these fees, and they will also be noted in your contract of sale.

Utilities connections

It can be surprising to add up the services you need to disconnect and reconnect when you are moving; telephone, electricity, water, gas, subscription TV and the internet are all counted as utilities connections, many of which require a substantial bond to be paid prior to connection.


When you purchase a new property to live in, don’t forget to add in the costs associated with moving to your new home. Depending on how far you are moving, the costs can add up to a few thousand dollars. This may include:

  • Removalist or hire of truck/van for self-removal
  • Boxes and packing tape
  • Petrol for your car
  • Transit insurance