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I have been working in finance now for a large number of years. My career has covered many different aspects of the finance industry and I have been fortunate enough to win a number of awards along the way including being recently named as one of New Zealand's top advisers for 2023.

My core passion is helping my clients reach their financial dreams through property. This can range from supporting clients into their first home (which I have a particular passion for) or looking at property through a wealth building lens. I live and breathe home loans and know how to get the best fit for your needs, and best deal from the various providers. 

I provide an end to end service that includes not only the home loan approval, but I also offer advice and support when negotiating on properties, dealing with real estate agents, solicitors and beyond. Purchasing property can be a tricky beast so my goal is to make it as stress free as possible

My partner and I are into flipping houses at the moment, so between juggling work loads and a couple of kids our lives are full, fun and enjoyable.

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