Man sitting cross legged in his lounge looking at his laptop and doing a fist pump Man sitting cross legged in his lounge looking at his laptop and doing a fist pump

Getting set for 2019


This time of year is perfect for reassessing your finances and making sure everything is in check. Here’s three ways I can help:



Refinancing means comparing your loan to others to see if there’s a more suitable one out there. When interest rates are moving and products constantly changing, great opportunities present themselves to save on repayments and fees. A savvy adviser will secure you the most competitive interest rate and terms.


Consolidating your debts

Consolidating debt means taking out one new loan to pay off all the little debts you may have. A single loan is a lot cleaner and saves you loads on the account fees that usually come with a lower rate. A good adviser will work to find you the smartest deal to meet your needs, while you enjoy summer.


New year, new toy

Owning something you’ve always wanted is often expensive, so if you’re not a leprechaun with your own pot of gold, consider a personal car loan. Depending on your work circumstances, repayments can be tax deductible. I can explain more, while I use our wide panel of lenders to get you a great deal.

Give me a buzz today and together we can start ticking off your New Year’s goals.


Published: 4/2/2019


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