I care about the communities we work in, that’s why I'm sponsoring the MoneyTime financial education program for children.

MoneyTime is a comprehensive financial literacy game for 10-14 year old's. It incorporates 30 self-taught modules and automatically marked quizzes, covering the full spectrum of personal finance; from earning, saving and interest to borrowing, investing and business. It is highly interactive, with children having to solve problems regularly throughout the modules. They are rewarded with money for each correct answer to spend on avatars and investments within the program, which builds confidence in making their own financial decisions. There is a strong emphasis on them having to choose between spending, saving, donating and investing – just like they will have to do in real life.

There are also 13 modules designed specifically for students to do at home with their parents. These serve to revise and reinforce the classroom modules and put the learning into their family context. They also provide a fun way for parents to interact with their children.

MoneyTime provides an amazing opportunity to ensure children receive the best financial literacy education available for this age group, at the time they are starting to earn money of their own. It gets them started on the right foot and by sponsoring the Borrowing and Loan lessons in the program, I'm helping to keep MoneyTime free in NZ schools.

It’s one way I can help Kiwi kids to be smart with money.

Thanks to our sponsorship, MoneyTime is able to be used in schools across the country. Hear what some of these teachers have to say...

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